Cathy SlyComment


Cathy SlyComment

the dog and i headed to lake wilderness
and made it part way around before we were rained out
we watched children feed the ducks
while their mom filmed them with her phone
then we came home and i read and he napped
now we are waiting for grandpa to pull in the driveway 

time spent with these two
filled my mama heart
there was a walk down to jordan's boat
where the dog went a bit nuts
the weather was such a gift
i walked around town without a coat
full heart and sunshine
does it get any better? 

he came to spend the night
and had never made real rice krispy treats
(i didn't know you could buy them pre-made!)
he spent a few hours fort building
just like my boys use to do
then we got cleaned up
and went to see Paddington

we had every kind of rain today
soft, hard, sideways and even some hail
there was chili and homemade brownies
to have at half-time
gary was so fed up and figured they were going to lose
and so he left right after dinner for the east side
boy was he sad. . .  

library run
a new collar for the dog
a short walk
cereal for dinner
and a new VSCO set

things start to fall together
if we just get out of our way
justin starts work tomorrow
and i joined another gym 
to get access to a pool
it was lovely today
all the way around 

i was out early, in the front yard, in my pj's  
taking photos of the frozen ground
only one of my neighbors drove by
he waved, but hopefully he did not notice 
my red and white polka dots