tuesday || day 297

the ground beneath me is shifting, i can feel it. 
a year ago i would have panicked and been sure
i was not going to land on my feet, or worried that
i would slip down a crack and not find my way out. 
but today i understand that this is part of life. 
they are always telling us at the gym,
that we really need to work on our balance, and i believe
this with my whole heart. not just so we don't trip
coming up the stairs with the groceries, but because
the ground beneath us shifts during life, and the stronger we are
the better we can handle it. we should not fight it, 
but rather embrace the shift and think about the
possibilities. . .  

I row 10,653 meters in class today, he tells me that
is 6.5 miles and I am pretty proud of myself.