friday || deep sigh

day 216 

"Both humans and dogs love to play well into adulthood, and individuals from both species occasionally display evidence of having a conscience."
~ Jon Winokur

the dog wanders in to my office early, wanting to eat and go out to do his business. 
i wait to see if he will go back to bed, and he does for a few minutes,
but soon he is at my office door watching me. i put him off, telling him
just a minute, i need to finish this.... he plops down on his tummy, 
his butt facing and reluctantly sighs. soon he sighs again and i know
if we don't get outside soon, it will be too hot, so i stop, putting my pen down mid-sentence. i gather his "clothes" and we head out.  i take my camera and he takes his nose. 
we walk in the cool of the morning, watching the smoke of the BC fires
filter down through the rays of the sun. he smells every smell, some of them over and over, 
and i take photos of the sun and the smoke, spiderwebs and spent dandelions. 
he wades in the muddy pond, up to his white belly, even after i warn him
he will get hit with the hose when we get home. it is worth the price
of a short shower i think.

he is a constant reminder to me to be in the moment, to be in the real world
alive and willing. to stop and take time to just be. to put my pen down.