wednesday || shopping

day 207

"Traits don't change, states of mind do."
~ Elizabeth Strout

I go shopping today at the mall, something I don't always look forward to. I go with a positive state of mind, telling myself I will take my time, go into any shop I want to and browse. I will not just go for the things I need and leave, but allow myself to enjoy the experience. I buy two new shirts and three new bras (which is what I went for). I treat myself to lunch, a brown rice bowl full of veggies and a bit of chicken and stop and have a kids size cup of Ben and Jerry's caramel crunch ice cream a bit later. I spend 45 minutes in the Container Store, just looking and come out with a new scrub brush for the veggies. I sit and people watch for a bit as I drink some ice water and I feel myself relax and soften a bit around the edges and with that comes a different state of mind. I come home a bit calmer and with a much better attitude. 

After dinner I talk him into letting me practice a bit with my new lens.