tuesday || week 45

I wake thinking about unraveling and releasing, about accepting what is real and moving within my life with kindness and joy. At rowing our instructor reads us something that I did not expect. While it had a little bit about the goodness of exercise, it also had a lot about happiness and just what it is to be happy with our lives. Practices that will bring us closer to that kind of joy that resonates with our very being. I was one of two people who raised their hands when she asked who meditated. I had others ask me how to do it and I found myself unable to give a clear answer while we were warming up. But told them I would be happy to explain over a cup of coffee, or tea, or even wine. 

It was bone chilling cold out today and the dog did  not get a walk. But we did spend a few minutes out in the garden where I picked a small head of cauliflower and broccoli. There are still lots of beets.