thursday || wholeheartedness

day 215 

"The antidote to exhaustion isn't rest.
It's wholeheartedness."
~ David Whyte

i come across the word in my morning reading, 
i hear it later in a meditative refection i listen to. 
i do a bit of research and internet searching. 
i even go as far as to look up the official definition. 
i wonder if nine days (when i tune 63) 
is enough time start a new habit, 
a new mindset. . .  

i practice all day, backing up, pausing, moving forward, breathing, rethinking
and reframing. 

i row, i work in the garden, i pick the first beets and pickle them, pick the first green beens and grill them with sweet onions and corn for dinner. i do laundry and water the flowers. it is so hot and the house won't stay cool and yet at the end of the day i am tired in a good way, but not exhausted. 

maybe there is something to it. . .