tuesday || water bowls

day 220 || August 8th 

It is another wonderful, slow morning. Time to write and drink my coffee. I meditate on the back deck, the morning sun on my upturned face and the birds singing. I sweep the floor, check the chickens, water their garden and take a walk with the dogs, all in my morning clothes. I do shower however and get dressed for real and head into town to meet the newlyweds for a beer after they are off work. I tell Jordan he has turned me into a beer drinker. Hardly Ma!, he says. Later we head to their house where he and I sit with Meyer, on their deck and talk, while she makes vegan mac and cheese to take with them camping tomorrow. They are going to a festival with close friends, where they will listen to music, share meals and swim in the river. They too have built a beautiful life together and I leave with a full heart and a birthday present! 

On my way home I treat myself to a cone at Mallards. Coconut Rum... Do you put real rum in it? I ask, of course, he says! Yum! 

You have to love a city where everywhere you go there are dog bowls.