wednesday || questions

day 214 

"When we enter life as a question to be lived rather than a problem to be solved, we can find our way in the world. "  ~ Mark Nepo 

what small wonders will i notice today? 

the tiny, delicate flowers on all my herb plants and the way they smell so bold and bright, tiny vases to put a few sprigs in around the house, conversations which lead to apologies and understanding, the first corn of the season grilled, along with zucchini from the garden, a few tiny green beans hanging on the plants, fresh sheets and no restrictions on watering, laughter floating over our back fence as the children behind us cooled off and splashed in their little pool, the way Basil kept checking on his four blankets, which i washed and hung outside on the deck railing to dry, and how happy he was when i brought them inside. . .  finally!