monday || shine

day 233 

"We read a lot about it and kind of know what to expect but when it came it was indescribable. There are no words that can fully describe what you experience.”
— Mia Li of New Jersey, who was watching in Columbia.

we watched in our backyard, together and yet very much alone
each of us feeling and observing different aspects of the magical moments
when the moon slipped off the other side of the sun and light started to come back
i understood that i was capable of doing that also,  
capable of letting the light in, removing the blocks i often put up
and allowing the light to spread around me. . . 

later the dog howled and bayed in his sleep
it was a sure sign to me that he felt it too, the magic, the calm, the wonder
i need to not forget but rather remember standing so still in my backyard,
as the light and the air changed around me, i need to remember it all
and remind myself to shine bright behind the darkness . . .