weekending || days 265-267

"Lovely days don't come to you, you should walk to them. " 
~ Rumi

we drive up north to celebrate her birthday, meeting for a glass of wine and then dinner, later there is ice cream and a few presents. saturday we hang out in paradise, he mows the lawn and watch her spin, with a book in my lap. i am in love with the chickens and check them often to see if there is a new egg! later we head to the brewery for Oktoberfest and to be with the newlyweds (today is their anniversary! what will i call them now?), sunday morning there its crab, lots of fresh crab and we crack a bunch and he fixes us crab melts. we pack up and head for home. my heart is full, my body and soul lighter. the dog is happy to be home and so are we, but much of the comfort of home comes from your belongings i think, and being surrounded by those you love. 

i hope so, because i talked to a realtor while we were up there. . .