wednesday || home

day 221 

The dogs and I have settled into our little routine. They eat, we go out, I tend to the chickens, while they do their business and we head inside so I can make a latte. I sit with it, on the deck and write. I make breakfast, Great Harvest bread and a bit of avocado and a fresh peach. I grab my camera and Gus and head out to walk the trails surrounding their acreage. I look for light and he looks for anything that moves! 

I pack slowly, make my bed and feed the turtles a bit of kale, I pack the car. Gus heads into his crate without any complaint, maybe hoping it will be his mom or dad who lets him out a little later. 

At home, Basil is beside himself and I am showered in so many kisses I feel the need to wash my face afterwards. I walk the garden, see there are tons of beans to be picked, a couple of huge zucchinis and a few, almost ripe, tomatoes. He is glad to see me too, tired of watering I think. 

It is good to be home.