monday || solitude

day 219 || August 7th 

I wake early and open the house to let in the coolness of the night. The smoke seems better today. I feed the dogs and the cat and head out to take care of the chickens, who make me laugh. I think they are really beautiful and can't wait for them to start laying. Later I pick a whole half gallon of blueberries, freezing some of them for their winter pancakes but also leaving a big bowl out to snack on. The dogs and I go for a walk along the trails and then sit on the couch on the sunporch. They nap and I read. Finally around 5:00 pm I decide it is time to shower and get out of my morning clothes. . .  who am I kidding I think.

I do shower, but don't really get dressed, choosing instead some new morning clothes. The dogs and I are in bed early. Solitude does a soul good I think.