thursday || day 250

"It's all about a balancing act between time, temperature and ingredients: That's the art of baking."  ~ Peter Reinhart

grasping at what could or should have been has no good outcome.
instead of swimming in memories, i wish to live in the right now. 
yes, i want to look back at glorious moments from years past, even
from yesterday. but i want to focus on making them rather than living in the memory. 
flashbacks have a way of transforming, changing shape and morphing
into something that really wasn't, bits and pieces of the puzzle
left out or forced to fit in the wrong space. over time the truth looks amazing
and the pain deepens and i just learn to live with the ache. 
but if i stay in the moment, the right now, the beautiful moments
are felt, their light finding its way deep inside of me. and the pain. . . 
the pain is given its proper attention so it does not have to sit around and wait
to be felt. this way it does not rob me of this very life i am so privileged
to be living. 

it is time to replenish the sourdough i think!