friday || harvest

day 223 || august 11 

tomorrow i tune 63, in some ways that seems so old
and yet i am on a path of openness and willing discovery
that is new, but yet feels so right. every day new light and  
kindness, for both myself and others. finds its way into my heart
and i see that life is always changing if we are open and willing. 

today i :: 
made blackberry jam
froze the first few packages of green beans for the winter
pickled some candy cane beets (i wish i had a photo) 
finished my blackberry basil shrub (so good) 
packed for a five day trip
talked for over an hour with a close friend
(such rich balm for my soul) 
came to terms with some lingering pain
and decided i feel better, both physically and mentality
on the eve of this birthday than i have in a few years. 

happy birthday to me!