I believe that everything starts by paying attention. Life is imperfect and any magical light we can bring into our day is worthy of our gratitude. Laughter and love, joy and celebrations slip into our lives with ease but learning to cope with the deep pain life brings to us is also necessary. I do this best with my camera, chasing down light, zooming in and out and pairing it all with truth. 

I live in Western Washington with my husband of 40+ years, in the home where we raised our three sons. We share that home now with our sweet beagle named Basil. 

Thank you so much for stopping by. 


 ©Cathy Sly 2017 

thursday || a new toy

day 5
every once in awhile, when the kids were little, i would buy something for
one of them and tuck it away for their birthday or Christmas, and then
forget about it. i would find it eventually while hunting in one of the closets
or a drawer for something. . .  it seems i did the very same thing
with the dog this year. he however did not know that today was not a special day
because every day is worth celebrating in his book. and he loves his new rabbit. 

things i noticed today: 
my breath, crisp fresh air, the sound of a new bird i could not identify, ice in the bird-feeders, sunlight flowing in the front windows, the dust on the floor, latte art, a cat in the driveway and feeling balanced. 


friday || the mountain

friday || the mountain

wednesday || week 1