tuesday || day 276

this sweet girl was the star at the dog park today, i could not get enough of her sweet face. 

i have been thinking about more... more thoughts, more depth and more love. i have been thinking about how each day unfolds and how i treasure the hour i have to myself each morning before he or the dog usually get up. I have been thinking about the fact that maybe i have something to say worth reading and how if i put a bit more work into it, i might come out the other end more satisfied and confident and with a something that touches others.  i have been thinking about getting a new tattoo and how i am done waiting on the person i think needs to do it and how waiting for her to pick me makes me feel undeserving and a bit like i am back in grade school again. i have been thinking about boundaries and anxiety attacks and how both are hard and so draining and what i can do to prevent both. i have been thinking about this space and how it might look and what i want out of it. i have been thinking about changing things up a bit, becoming a bit more focused and yet a bit more relaxed at the same time. i have been thinking about how i have developed a practice that is simple and serves me so well and that all i really need to do to bloom is keep it up (and it really is not all that complicated). i have been thinking about our world and the heartache that has come out of Vegas and how i actually know someone who was shot through someone and someone else and how twice removed is way too close, but also a reminder that none of us should ever be too far removed that we don't feel.