friday || day 251

“There will never come a time when I will be able to resist my emotions.” 
― Louise Erdrich, Tales of Burning Love

that rewind button just keeps getting hit over and over.
i tell myself today that every moment is new, 
even if it seems like a repeat of yesterday or last year, 
or even five years ago ~ treat it with the respect it deserves and live in it

i asked him if i could take his photo but was careful
not to get too much of him. . .
we chatted about fishing while he rigged up his line
and how he loves to fish. i told him about my boys.
as i was leaving him to do his thing he hollered at me from the dock, 
"I almost had one!" 
"You will get it next time," i yelled over my shoulder.
and i sure hope he did. . .